Freedom for Rinku

Rinku is 12 years old and he's a slave.  


Rinku is 12 years old, and he’s a slave. 

Rinku and his family live in a remote village in northern India with roughly 100 other slaves.  Years before Rinku was born, his parents borrowed about $153 dollars. The family labors every day in the brick kilns, molding and baking bricks to pay back this illegal loan. But their slaveholder will never release them from this debt. They are going to be trapped in slavery for generations to comeunless we do something.

Partnering with the nonprofit, Voices 4 Freedom, we have sponsored the organization to build a school in Rinku’s village. The organization uses their schools as a Trojan horse to educate children and families about their rights and over the course of three years, the villagers rise up and demand their freedom. This model has worked in more than 20 villages so far.

On July 2, 2018 a school was opened in Rinku’s village and 44 children now go to school every day instead of laboring in the brick kilns.

We have raised nearly half of our $36,000 goal to fund all three years of Rinku’s school. Can you chip in to help us meet our goal? Please considering making a tax-deductible donation.

Please watch this update video of Voices 4 Freedom founder, Peggy Callahan, visiting the school in October.